I worked with a client last year who wanted it all. Actually, I work with lots of clients who want it all, but I’m going to tell you about Sally.

She’s a self-employed single mum. She owned an apartment in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and had good equity in the property. She also had champagne taste on a beer budget and a penchant for overseas travel. Her feet were itchy and she wanted to buy a new home with a garden.

Sally mentioned this in passing as a bit of a pipe dream, believing that her financials wouldn’t stack up.

But she really wanted it, so we went through the exercise of seeing what she could afford and how much the banks would lend her.

She was pretty surprised when we came up with a way to make it happen. I gave her an indication of her borrowing capacity and off she went – shopping for her new home.

Everything ended up happening pretty fast for her once she’d made the decision and it had become a reality that she could actually do it.

She found her dream home, sold her apartment, consolidated debt – and even managed an overseas holiday for her family.

We found a way for her to have it all… and she still has her smashed avo on sourdough at her new favourite cafe every Sunday morning.