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Is now the time to invest in property?


While many of us are bunkering down right now and waiting to see what our new "normal" is going to be, some of us are curious to see what's going to happen with investment property opportunities. We have no idea what's actually going to happen to the property market once the country starts up again [...]

Is now the time to invest in property?2020-05-14T03:04:03+00:00

Connection – it’s so important


There's one thing that's really being highlighted around the world right now and that's the importance of connection. It's a basic human need that so many of us are being deprived of at the moment and it's having a big impact on us. We can't see family or friends, we can't live life as we [...]

Connection – it’s so important2020-05-11T08:23:11+00:00

Changes to stamp duty – and other things we’re waiting to see…


As a result of COVID-19, we've seen the property market almost grind to a halt. With the economic uncertainty that we're experiencing, individually, nationally and globally, confidence has fallen and buying, investing and even, in many cases, rental activity has stopped. For how long, we don't know. What will it look like when things return [...]

Changes to stamp duty – and other things we’re waiting to see…2020-05-11T06:11:59+00:00

How are you?


These are strange times that none of us are accustomed to, but it seems that we sit in one of a few categories: You've lost your job or decreased your income and you're concerned. You're cutting costs and figuring out how this is all going to work out. Things seem to be in a holding [...]

How are you?2020-05-11T03:00:57+00:00

19 ways to reduce your expenses during COVID 19 lockdown


It's the perfect time to be watching what you're spending and reducing costs where you can, so here are my tips to start cutting costs. If you have credit card debt, ring your bank and make sure you're on the cheapest option possible. Having a low interest rate may be more important right now than [...]

19 ways to reduce your expenses during COVID 19 lockdown2020-04-14T06:07:41+00:00

COVID 19 – Hardship claims for tenants and landlords


The Prime Minister's announcement of a moratorium on evictions for tenants affected by COVID-19 was greeted by a collective cheer from tenants and a collective groan from landlords. It's important to look at both sides of the picture here because we're all in this together, right? For most of us, our two biggest expenses are [...]

COVID 19 – Hardship claims for tenants and landlords2020-04-14T02:07:26+00:00

There’s lots of things you can’t do right now, but what can you do?


COVID-19 has changed our lives. Some people are going into panic mode, some are ignoring the warnings and the threat, some are missing loved ones that they've been separated from, some are frightened about what it will mean for them financially, their parents' health and their children's education. Others are breathing deep and taking each [...]

There’s lots of things you can’t do right now, but what can you do?2020-04-14T01:47:47+00:00

Wishing you a safe and happy Easter


I don't know about you, but I love Easter. I love getting together with my family, eating too much, laughing too much and sleeping in! I love that it's four days off work so I can get a good balance of relaxing and getting stuff done and spending time with those I love. This year [...]

Wishing you a safe and happy Easter2020-04-14T01:04:37+00:00

Checking in and introducing Connor


We just wanted to check in and see how you and your family are going. We remain open and are available to continue to serve you. For many years we have been able to assist you whether we're in the office or working remotely and this does not change during this time of uncertainty. Some [...]

Checking in and introducing Connor2020-04-14T01:01:38+00:00

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