Is it time to review your home loan?


How long have you had your home loan? How long since you've reviewed it or re-financed? Do you think you have built some equity in your home that you could put to good use? If your home loan is more than a couple of years, now is the time to make an appointment and take [...]

Is it time to review your home loan?2020-01-10T01:27:40+00:00

Tips for negotiating with a real estate agent


Real estate agents are experts in their field. They are engaged by the vendor to get the highest sale price possible, and their commission is based on that sale price. There are some awesome agents out there, that do a great job and are really good to deal with. Often, it seems like they're on [...]

Tips for negotiating with a real estate agent2020-01-09T06:32:58+00:00

Do you have a wealth creation plan?


Just like with everything else in life, we need to know where we're heading in order to get there. So where do you want to be, financially, on the day that you retire? Will your super have enough to support your lifestyle? Do you need returns from investments to boost the funds available? Are you [...]

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Don’t blow your budget!


If you're more like, "Budget? What budget?", then we need to talk... Whether you're shopping for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, your weekly grocery shopping, a new outfit or a house, you need to have a framework to work within. The bigger the price tag, the more important it is to stay within that budget. It's [...]

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Are you struggling to buy your first home?


If you feel that buying a house is similar to climbing a very large mountain - on a snowy day - in gale force winds - without gloves and a beanie - then you're not alone. But there is hope and there are some things you can do that will help you buy your first [...]

Are you struggling to buy your first home?2019-11-29T06:34:09+00:00

Infrastructure investment – why is it important to investors?


Infrastructure investment is a key indicator that many investors look for when they’re pinpointing a location to start their property search. And it makes good sense. The key categories of infrastructure investment that property investors look for are transport (airports, roads and rail) and social (schools, hospitals and community facilities) because, historically, they’ve driven economic [...]

Infrastructure investment – why is it important to investors?2019-11-19T07:06:31+00:00

November news


I don't know about you, but I'm a massive Christmas nerd. I have our house decorated from head to toe before the end of November and I love it! Are you the same or do you cringe at the thought of getting the tree out that early? It seems that there are two camps forming [...]

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