Over the past couple of years things have really changed for property investor.

Firstly, APRA tightened reins with lenders, making borrowing money harder and increasing interest rates on investment loans. Then price corrections started in many investing “hotspots”, and we saw property values drop. Then construction quality raised its ugly head and we saw caution from investors.

Now, more than ever, property investing is for the savvy amongst us. Research is essential, strategy is a must and expert support is a basic requirement.

From your mortgage broker to your financial planner, your property consultant to your accountant, seek advice. Talk to us about how we can help you start creating wealth through property investing.

As a mortgage broker working with investors and lenders daily, I can talk with you about leveraging equity, loan options, rates and structuring.

I want to make sure you get the loan that suits you and your needs.

Investing in property is a great thing to do. It’s still, and probably always will be, Aussie’s first choice for building wealth. Don’t miss the opportunity to set yourself up while you’re waiting for the perfect conditions.