It’s that time of year again! The promise of summer has arrived and oh, what a feeling that is!

To help you get ready for all that summer brings, we’ve put together a list of things to do.

  1. Spring clean the house – that’s a no-brainer. Vacuum under the lounge and under the lounge cushions, remove the cobwebs from the corners, clean the windows, wash the fly screens and air conditioner filters, clean the oven, tidy up the outdoor space and dust off the barbecue. Give your home a top to bottom thorough clean inside and out.
  2. Do some pampering. Get a haircut, facial, body scrub, mani/pedi, massage – whatever you feel will help scrub away winter in preparation for summer. There’s nothing quite like a bit of self-care!
  3. Exercise. You don’t have to hire a PT or join a gym, but get moving. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, stretch your body, start swimming. Whatever floats your boat when it comes to exercise, start now.
  4. Get your paperwork sorted. If there’s boring paperwork that you need to do, get it done now so that you don’t have to think about it during summer. This could include reviewing your mortgage and making sure the rate is still competitive and features are working for you, reviewing your health and other insurances and utility providers.
  5. Check out your summer stuff. Have a good look at your clothes and shoes to see what’s missing. Does anything need donating, throwing or cleaning? Is there anything too small, too big or you look at it and think “what was I thinking?”. Get rid of it! You should even check your summer quilt and anything else that you change over seasonally. Write a list of what you need, what’s missing and start to look for it. This should also stop you from overspending because you’ll have an accurate picture of what you already have and what you don’t.
  6. Get the pets ready. If you’ve got dogs or cats, book them in for grooming or give them a good wash and brush to start thinning out their winter coat. Wash their bedding and give it a good airing on a sunny day.
  7. Spray the bindiis. If you’ve got a lawn, now is the time to spray the bindiis and get your garden ready for summer. Dust off the mower, pull a few weeds, plant a few flowers.

Getting organised early is always a good thing, especially when it frees up time later on.

If you’re time poor, most of these can be outsourced, and I’d love to help you review your loan.