Renovating is a word that either fills you with dread or excitement. Personally, I can understand both responses.

The thought of making all those decisions, living in a worksite, budgeting and dealing with tradies can make you feel overwhelmed before you even start.

But there’s also the excitement that you get to make all the decisions. You choose the floor coverings, the wall colours, the tiles, the fixtures, fittings, appliances – everything! You can make whatever you’re renovating into your dream kitchen, bathroom, backyard, bedroom, pool – anything!

That is pretty exciting – if you know what you’re doing.

It’s the “knowing what you’re doing” thing that either makes it scary or exciting.

So if you really want to do it, but you’re scared, get some help. Find a decorator and builder that you trust or is recommended by someone who has similar values to you. Do your research and get curious.

You could make that home you like into something you love.

Remember that it’s important that you don’t overcapitalise on your renovations unless you’re not intending to sell for a long time.

If you’re looking to renovate for profit, getting bang for your buck will be your priority – so look at what will set your property apart from the competition. What are the local buyers looking for and can you give it to them?

I love the idea of renovating. It just needs to be done with a plan and a budget.

Let me know if you need finance for your plans.

Good luck and have fun.