Packing and moving. What a nightmare! Or is it?

I actually kind of like it – I mean “kind of” because I wish it was done and over, but I love the end result. I love setting up my kitchen and wardrobe – even the bathroom cupboards. You get a clean slate to start with and it’s up to you to create turn an empty shell into your home.

But there are some things that I’m learning as I go…

  1. Don’t pack it unless you love it AND use it. Long gone are the days when grandma had her best set of china to be used once a year and grandpa had his Sunday best clothes. Life today is different. I love the philosophy of organisation and decluttering guru KonMari but that can be a little extreme. Her philosophy is that if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. You might be able to expand that out a little to include things that are necessities, functional or sentimental, but it’s a good starting point if you’re trying to cull.
  2. Cull BEFORE you move! Why pay a removalist to move things that you’re going to get rid of anyway. Take the time and cull as you pack. You’ll probably find a few things to get rid of once you unpack – but try to get rid of most of the stuff at packing time. I find it easy to have 3 piles – Pack, Throw and Donate. Be ruthless!
  3. Think about unpacking as you pack. For us, we’ll be renovating within 6 months of moving in – so I don’t want to unpack everything just to have to repack it in 6 months – so we’re labelling everything – Unpack Now or Unpack Later. We’ll be living the minimalist lifestyle for the first little while, but at least we won’t have to face packing everything up again in the near future.
  4. Hire or buy boxes. You can get small boxes that hold heavy stuff or big boxes that you can stuff doonas and bedding in, wardrobe boxes that you can just hang your clothes right in. They’re worth every cent you spend on them and if you hire them, you just ring them up when you’ve unpacked and they’ll pick them up – so you don’t even have to worry about getting rid of them at the end.
  5. Label your boxes. Sometimes you start out labelling every box with the room it has to go in – and then you lose the marker or you think you’ll remember. You won’t! Look for the marker! Write that room name on the box! Keep the discipline from start to finish. You’ll thank yourself for it later!
  6. Keep your essentials close. Pack an overnight back with a change of clothes, pjs, toiletries, your book, phone/device charger – even pack the kettle, tea bags and a mug if you’re going to need a cuppa when you arrive, or your bedding so you can make the bed. Whatever you’re going to need that night or the next morning, keep it with you or in your car on moving day.
  7. If it all gets too much, hire a professional. Just make sure you get them to unpack at the new home as well as pack up the old.

Good luck! Have fun and crank the music up loud. It makes everything easier…