Just like with everything else in life, we need to know where we’re heading in order to get there.

So where do you want to be, financially, on the day that you retire?

Will your super have enough to support your lifestyle? Do you need returns from investments to boost the funds available?

Are you planning on living a little frugally when you retire or are you planning on travelling and kicking your heels up? Are you hoping to leave a legacy to your family?

These questions are all things that need to be considered. And the sooner you put a plan in place, the greater the chance of you achieving your goals.

There are two ways that you can create wealth. You can save it or you can grow it. From my personal and professional experience, growing, or investing, is far more effective and far more fun. Along with many other Aussies, my favourite way to invest is through buying property.

I have a plan and goals, I have a strategy and timeframes to achieve those goals. I know that my retirement will be fabulous because I’m taking action now through actively working my wealth creation plan and property investing strategy.

Do you have a plan? If you don’t, give me a call and I can refer you to a financial planner who can work through it with you. If you do and it involves investing in property, let me know if I can help. Love Property does a great job of connecting people with property and I can talk to you about finance and investment lending.