Newsletter, January 2017 – New year, new goals!

Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had a great start to the year and have had some time to reflect on all that you achieved during 2016, and also think about what you want in 2017.

There’s a lot of talk of the doom and gloom of 2016, and it was a year that we did lose an insane amount of incredibly talented people. In the property market, it was a pretty crazy year. Property values were booming, there were some significant changes to the way lenders were allowed to lend money for investment purposes and there was a ton of buying and selling in the marketplace right around the country.

In the property and finance markets in 2017, we’re expecting more of the same, but a little less extreme. The experts are predicting this will be a year of stabilising with less hype, which will be a great thing!

If your plan is to buy property, there is no better time than now to have a good mortgage broker on your team.

There are a lot of changes to the finance industry, in particular, in the way lenders are assessing loan applications and the criteria they’re measuring against. Their policies are changing, and they are being more calculated in what products they’re offering to clients – and without knowing which lenders are doing what, it could cost you a lot more money to service your loan.

If you already own property and have no plans to buy more, then you really should be reviewing your loan/s every couple of years. If you’re not, you’re missing opportunities and probably spending too much on your loan.

All it takes is one phone call to me and I can tell you where you stand and your options.

Just a reminder that if you have friends or family looking for a loan, I’m offering a referral gift of a $100 voucher for my new favourite website,  Just like good mortgage brokers, sometimes that perfect gift is hard to find!  (Offer valid for all loans settled before 31st March 2017 – just make sure they mention that you sent them)

Anything you want to discuss, please give me a call. I’m here to help!


Michael Luca
0405 113 543