Newsletter – September 2014

It’s time to get serious! There’s some seriously good deals out there for home loans and you need to be taking advantage of these rates while they’re so low. If your rate starts with 5 then chances are you’re paying too much, call me! If you don’t know your interest rate, go and find your latest home loan statement. If your rate starts with 5 you need to call me! If you can’t find the rate on your statement, send it to me and I’ll Read More +

Are you ready to bid?

The spring real estate season has arrived! This is the time that most property owners decide to sell. The weather is warming up, people are starting to think of new beginnings and wanting to get settled before summer. And Australians (particularly east coasters) love an auction. It’s a great way for market forces to determine the value of your home. As a buyer, sometimes you can pick up a bargain, as a seller, you can sometimes sell for far more than you’d hoped for. So Read More +

Is it time for a check up?

The chances are really high that if you’ve had your home loan for more than three years, we could save you money. And we love saving our clients money! Love Home Loan’s whole purpose is to take the stress and effort out of securing finance. We’ll do all the running around, chasing up, calculations, and anything else that needs doing. All you need to do is give us a call. We’ll ask you a couple of questions (and we promise that they won’t be hard Read More +

Newsletter – August 2014

Right now it’s a great time to be getting smart about property ownership. Whether you’re a first home buyer, already paying off your mortgage or thinking of buying an investment property, the current conditions are in your favour. If you’re a first home buyer, you need to be smart about your purchase. Home prices are rising, but there are still pockets of affordability that are definitely worth a look. Interest rates are great and lenders are offering some good deals. I’d love to help you Read More +

How to buy and sell in a rising market

Homeowners who want to move in a rising market should plan to buy before they sell to avoid being priced out of the market, according to real estate expert and author Patrick Bright. “For people who are buying and selling in this type of market the challenge is to time their transactions so that they avoid a double move and don’t get caught short.

10 years!

This week marks my 10 year anniversary as a mortgage broker and I’ve never loved doing what I’m doing more than now. My satisfaction in assisting clients either secure their first home, get tracking on building their investment portfolio or even reduce their expenses to improve their cashflow has never been stronger. I’ve found that it’s true that if you love what you do, you’re much better at doing it, and I’ve had some really great results for clients lately! Can I help you, a Read More +