These are strange times that none of us are accustomed to, but it seems that we sit in one of a few categories:

  1. You’ve lost your job or decreased your income and you’re concerned. You’re cutting costs and figuring out how this is all going to work out.
  2. Things seem to be in a holding pattern. Your income is steady but you’re not sure what’s going to happen next.
  3. You’re busier than you’ve ever been. You’re providing an essential service or in an industry that is unexpectedly booming right now. Your income is secure or has increased.

If you’re in position 1, our heart goes out to you. We hope you’re ok are finding a way to make ends meet and getting support from family and friends. If there’s anything we can do to help with your loans, please let us know.

If you’re in position 2, that’s good. Just keep treading water, do your best to stay out of debt and reduce your costs. Again, if we can help with reducing costs, please get in touch.

If you’re in position 3, keep going. We’re all cheering you on and grateful that you’re keeping the wheels turning. If you’re in a good position financially, this might be a great time to think about buying a house or investment property once things settle down, so talk to me about getting you ready financially when you’ve got headspace to do that.

Now is a really good time to remember that we’re all in this together – whatever position you’re in. I love that, as a nation, we all seem to be working together to get through this. I’m amazed by the acts of kindness that I see and hear every day. I’m completely in awe of our medical professionals and first responders, and I’m eternally grateful for everyone who is following social distancing rules, stacking supermarket shelves, keeping public transport moving, our IT functioning, processing our loan and re-financing applications, keeping food on our tables and everyone else who is doing their part.

We’re here if you need anything!

Take care, stay safe and wash your hands.

Michael, Connor & Tanya