The most important thing about presenting your home for sale is allowing the potential buyer to see the home as theirs.

This means decluttering!

Remove your much-loved family photos, put away the trinkets and decorations that mean so much to you but to someone else may just be dust catchers, do whatever is needed to simplify and create space and allow the buyer’s imagination to take over.

Buyers are probably going to look in all those cupboards too and if they’re cluttered and messy they’re going to look small. So give those a tidy out too. You’re going to have to do it when you move, so you might as well do it now.

Once the inside is sorted, have a look with fresh eyes from outside. What does your home look like from the street? Does the fence need a coat of paint? Does the nature strip or front garden need a tidy up? Could $100 worth of colourful plants make it look a thousand times better?

My advice is don’t spend a lot of money because chances are high that the buyer will want to put their own stamp on your home.

Do spend wisely on things that will have a wow factor and that the buyer will notice.

If you’re not sure where to start, ask a friend over who has a critical eye and ask their advice. Or ask your real estate agent.

Good luck with your sale!