Black Friday Sales


Are you planning on buying in the Black Friday Sales? Most of us love a great sale. Many would argue that the Black Friday Sales are amongst the best. But don't get caught out buying stuff you don't need, or particularly want, just because the price is great. Even if you're saving 75% off the [...]

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Re-financing – how much can you save?


If you haven’t reviewed your home loan in a couple of years, we need to talk. You could be saving thousands of dollars and cutting years off your loan simply by spending a little bit of time comparing your options. Interest rates currently start at 3.19% for owner-occupier, principal and interest. If your rate is [...]

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Research – a property investor’s most valuable commodity


Over the years I’ve written a huge amount of investment loans, and while the nuts and bolts are the same as a home loan, there are real differences in the approach that property investors take when deciding on a property to buy. The main differences are mindset and the need for research. When you’re buying [...]

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Making the move less stressful


Moving house is a strange combination of stress and excitement. It's often stressful because of the sheer enormity of the task and the looming deadline but it's usually exciting because of new beginnings. If you're about to move, here are our 6 steps for taking the stress out of moving. Pack 2 boxes and put [...]

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Love news – September 2019


The start of the spring sales season came early this year with steady increases in listings and auction clearance rates since August. Momentum is still building with increased consumer confidence, more properties being listed and steadying out of property values. The best news for home buyers and investors is that, right now, we can secure [...]

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