We’re seeing record high property sales prices, auction clearance rates and open home inspections combined with record low interest rates and it’s creating some real energy in the property market.

The result is that the market is going a little bit crazy right now.

Seachangers are flocking to regional and coastal areas, people are upsizing, downsizing, investing, rent-vesting. Home owners and developers are buying and selling their homes and investment properties and the market is gobbling them up.

If you’re not in the property market, it’s time to get in! Or at the very least, keep a close eye on what’s happening in your neighbourhood or your dream location.

It’s really interesting to see what shape things are taking post-COVID. I don’t even know if we are “post-COVID” yet, but we’re really seeing things changing. And I’m liking what I’m seeing.

There seems to be a confidence that I haven’t seen for a while and this is really uplifting. This certainly isn’t true in all areas and amongst all people and industries and my heart goes out to those who are still suffering the impacts that COVID brought. I hope that life and business can return to normal or a new positive normal for everyone very soon.

How are you sitting in this new world order?

What’s got your attention? What major changes have you made in your life or your business?

Are you too watching the property market with interest?