Paying off our home loan is our end goal, right?

There are a few ways we can do it faster:

  1. Review your loan every couple of years and make sure you’re paying the lowest rate possible with the features you need. Given last week’s rate cut, now is a great time for a review! Email me if you want to look at your options.
  2. If your loan allows it, make additional repayments every month or every chance you get. Those extra payments really add up over the years.
  3. Do you have an Offset Account? Are you using it to its full potential? Instead of panic buying toilet paper and pasta, leave the money in your offset account. Every dollar you have in your offset account will reduce the interest payable on your home loan – which will allow you to pay it off in less time, without actually increasing your repayments! Unsure of how an offset account works? Call me!

To discuss how you can pay off your loan faster, just send an email or fill in our online assessment, and we can get started on your loan review and your preferred strategy.
For home buyers, now is a great time to be getting your pre-approval so you’re ready to negotiate when you find that dream property. We can organise that for you too.