Tales of a borrower

My name is Justine Bennett and I just have to tell you about my experience with Love Home Loans. I’ve been working with Michael for the past five years – helping him with his marketing and all kinds of things. I’m writing this newsletter without him knowing, so ssshhh – don’t tell him!

I’ve always known he was pretty passionate about getting loans for people. It sounds like he does a great job because he loves what he does. And I thought he was good because clients wrote testimonials and Michael would tell me a few stories so that I could put together web content and newsletters, etc.

But I’ve just bought a new home and Michael organised the finance – and the reality of what he does is so far beyond what I was expecting!

From the moment I casually mentioned that I had itchy feet and was thinking about moving until the moment I’d bought a new home and hadn’t yet sold mine, he was amazing. He put together a spreadsheet with all my figures so I knew what I could and couldn’t afford. He sourced loan options that would work to my circumstances and budget. He reassured me and supported me through the whole process!

Once I’d sold my place, he ramped it up another notch and just made everything happen! I knew exactly what I had to do when. He talked to my conveyancer, purchasing agent, selling agent, bank – everyone – so that all I had to focus on was buying and selling.

Honestly, it was so far above and beyond what I’d expected that i just can’t thank him enough.

So if you’re looking for a home loan or to refinance, and wondering who to get your finance through, stop wondering and just call Michael.

Between Michael and Tanya, you couldn’t find a better team to look after you at a time that is pretty stressful.

Take care and call him!
0405 113 543