Newsletter, February 2017 – Is it time to re-finance?

What a busy start to the year!

The auction season kicked off last weekend with record numbers of homes going under the hammer, with good supply and demand.

As Aussies, we love nothing more than putting our earnings into bricks and mortar – either to live in ourselves or as an investment. We understand that people will always need homes and with continuing population growth and development of infrastructure, it’s a pretty sound investment.

The key to buying is to get everything sorted BEFORE you find the ideal property. I’ve had a couple of clients call me recently, so excited that they’ve found their dream home, with just one week until auction – and sometimes it’s just not possible to organise finance in one week. So my advice is to call me when you’re starting your property search. We can start to get everything organised so that we’re ready to go when you are.  We can even refer you to people who can help you with your property search.

I love nothing more than helping people buy homes and will do everything I can to get finance approved on time – but please make sure you allow time for it to happen!
I’ve also had lots of enquiries recently from people wanting to re-finance their loans.

They’re looking for a better interest rate, improved service or to free up some equity for improvements.

If you’re keen to  re-finance either your home loan or investment loan, please call me. There are some big changes to the way lenders are re-financing investment loans, but call me and we can talk through your options.

Whatever you need to finance, I’d love to help!

Michael Luca
0405 113 543