Newsletter – February 2015

In the first meeting of 2015, The Reserve Bank of Australia announced the outcome of its board meeting and, as speculated, it has decreased the cash rate by 25 basis points. The official rate is now at 2.25%. In taking this decision it appears the Reserve Bank has reacted to growing concerns around employment, flattening property prices, affordability for first home buyers and the lowering inflation figures. This decrease is likely to spark a fresh round of competition amongst lenders so it is a great Read More +

First Home Buyers – Do you fit the profile?

Talk amongst the experts is that today’s first home buyers are different than they were. The experts say they’re clued up, cashed up, thinking outside the square and keen to buy. I’m not sure how that’s so different to how they “were” (whenever “were” was), but there are some notable changes. I do know that property affordability is getting tougher, so first home buyers are getting creative about how they buy. They’re teaming up with friends, getting help from parents or they’re buying an investment Read More +

Is 2015 the year for you?

We’ve celebrated New Years Eve, summer holidays and Australia Day. Kids are heading back to school and people are back at work. Life is resuming as normal. The real estate market is getting back into full swing and there’s continuing great consumer confidence. Will this be the year for you to buy your first home, upgrade or invest? If this if the year that you want to make something happen, call me. We can go through your numbers, figure out what you can afford, find Read More +

Did Sydney’s property market really slow down at the end of 2014?

Our friend at Good Deeds property buyers, have put together a great summary of the property market for 2014 as well as predictions for 2015.  Take a read… If you believe what you read in the media it did. If you take notice of auction clearance rates you will certainly think it did and if you listen to some selling agents it did (and certainly some suburbs seemed to slow compared to others). The thing is, statistics are useful in many instances BUT we really Read More +

Newsletter – December 2014

Hi We’ve hit that crazy time of year again! The social calendar is full, everything seems as though it has to be done NOW, and we’re all counting down the days until we can (hopefully) take some time off, or at least wind down. But don’t be lulled into taking your eye off the ball if you want to buy property! There are lots of motivated sellers still around in January, so keep your eye out and you could just snap up your dream property Read More +

Newsletter – November 2014

Letter from Michael Hi Six weeks to go!  The Christmas bells are ringing, the decorations are going up in store, party invitations are rolling in, there’s lots of reminders everywhere you look on social media – so it’s coming! And with it comes the normal slow down with the lenders and the property market in general. If you want to take advantage of incredible rates being offered by lenders (fixed rates under 4.9% for 3 years, variable at 4.8%!), it’s time to take action. If Read More +

Lock it in!

For the past 15 months home owners have been enjoying historical low interest rates. Since August last year, when the rate was dropped to 2.5%, lenders have been following suit and competing aggressively for your business. But, there is talk of the “honeymoon” ending. The dollar is down, consumer spending is up, the market is going crazy – these are all indicators that the RBA will increase the cash rate to slow things down. With experts predicting the cash rate to rise to 3.25 by mid Read More +

Lessons learnt from The Block

We’re all a bit flummoxed by the sale prices from recent TV series, The Block Glasshouse. There was talk of foul play and  lawsuits. There were tears and anger. It’s exactly what makes reality TV good viewing – but it also left many people scratching their heads about what’s going on with property prices. We all agree that the reserves were high, and some apartments had better features than others, but to achieve prices from $1.39 million to $1.9 million – this is a huge Read More +

Newsletter – October 2014

Eleven weeks to go! That’s all that’s left of the spring selling season before the market shuts down for summer holidays. Eleven weeks! If you plan to buy this year, you need to get a move on. Call me to make sure your money is ready when you win that auction or negotiate a deal. I can organise loan pre-approval so that you know exactly how much money you can access and how much it will cost you. When it’s time for you to sign Read More +

It’s auction season! What do you need to know before bidding?

Auctions are still the favoured way for Sydney siders to sell property. Vendors think they will get a higher price than at a straight sale, they feel that they maintain some control over the outcome and they’re exciting! For buyers, auctions are a bit of an unknown quantity. You don’t know the reserve or the vendors expectations (other than a figure thrown around by a real estate agent), you don’t know how many people you’re going up against and you certainly don’t know if you’re Read More +