Newsletter – June 2016 – What gets results?

Relationships… that’s what my business is all about, and that’s what gets results for my clients. As a mortgage broker, every day I’m talking to lenders, clients, accountants, financial planners, property managers, valuers and conveyancers; I’m negotiating to get a better rate, faster approval, loans finalised; I’m chasing up documents, moving things along and keeping on top of a dozen projects. It’s busy and I thrive on it! I love getting a great deal. I love helping my clients get a loan. I love the Read More +

Who said the selling season was over?

Summer is definitely the “hot” season for buying and selling property. BUT it doesn’t all stop when the weather cools down. If you find yourself selling your home in the autumn or winter months, there’s some tips that you should follow to make your home look it’s best. Light – make the most of natural light and schedule your open homes for the time of day that your home is naturally brightest. Supplement the natural light by turning lights and lamps on to make the Read More +

Newsletter – May 2016 – So what does it all mean?

Hope you’re making the most of this beautiful weather while it’s lasting. Summer seems to be never ending! There’s still plenty of heat in the property market too. We’ve just had the biggest month ever with people looking for either a better home or a better deal. We love it when we can help make their dreams a reality! Tuesday’s RBA meeting saw our first rate cut in 12 months, with the announcement that the rate was slashed by 0.25 to 1.75%. This is the lowest cash Read More +

A word on Negative Gearing

Property expert, Jason Snaddon from Love Property has something to say about all this talk of negative gearing. “Oh goodness I am so sick of the rhetoric over negative gearing and what’s going to happen if it stays or goes. It should not matter what happens to negative gearing. You are investing in property for the growth and the yield. Buying property based on tax benefits is not investing. Think about this!  We humans have this inherent need to have a roof over our heads. Read More +

Newsletter – April 2016 – What’s important to home buyers?

A recent survey of over 1000 Australian home buyers uncovered some very interesting (and kind of funny) results. It ranked the top 10 most desirable features in a new home: 1. Air conditioning: 65% 2. Carport/Garage: 60% 3. Garden/Backyard: 52% 4. Solar panels: 33% 5. Deck/Pergola: 24% 6. Dishwasher: 17% 7. Swimming pool: 17% 8. Built-in barbecue: 4% 9. Water feature: 2% 10. Garden gnomes: 2% Now I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to pop down the road and buy the barbecue of Read More +

Newsletter – March 2016 – What makes us “richer”?

Diversity – it’s what makes us unique. It’s what makes our community and society richer. Personally, I love diversity. I love talking to people different to me and figuring out what makes them tick – what they like and what they don’t. It opens my eyes to new experiences, thought processes and opportunities. As a mortgage broker, every day I’m talking to different people. They’re buying property for different reasons, wanting different types of homes, different features in their loans – different goals, aspirations and Read More +

All I need

Sometimes we really need to sit back and take stock of what we want in our lives. What’s working for us, what’s not. What we actually really want, what we think we really want. This is all summed up beautifully in this doco, All I Need, that recently aired on Channel 7. This doco, hosted by Andrew Daddo, follows a typical Australian family and a couple of would-be mortgagees, and suggests ways to redefine the great Aussie dream before it gets out of control. Get Read More +

Newsletter – February 2016

Holidays are over, we’re back on deck and the property market is hotting up again, so if your plan is to buy, get looking and call me to make sure your finance is in place. We know which lenders are doing deals and what loans have great features so don’t waste your own time shopping for rates – just call! We’ve just joined Instagram and will be sharing as many fun things that we can find that relate to property and finance, so please follow Read More +

Special offer – Retro Home Loan

$200k – $1m Principal & Interest Sub 80% LVR now only 4.15% pa (comparison rate 4.18% pa*) A straight forward home loan for your next investment. No annual fee $330 settlement fee Other fees and charges are payable Unlimited Visa Debit withdrawals at NAB and Rediteller ATMs 100% offset facility Welcome to the Retro Home Loan; a simple, easy to understand home loan with low upfront cost and no annual fee, where you don’t pay for frills that you don’t need. The Retro Home Loan Read More +

The property market – what’s going on and what does it mean for you?

The media is rife with speculation about the property market. One journalist makes a statement that differs slightly from another and then yet another will report a complete contradiction. One expert makes a claim, another makes a counter claim. All this talk may sell papers, generate hits, or build a reputation… But it does little to reassure the first home buyer, the “upgrader” or the investor. It’s important to recognise that journalists need to write stories. They need to publish before a deadline and they Read More +