Want to pay off your home loan faster?

Your home loan is probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make, so you need to make it work for you. And you usually want to get it paid off sooner so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour – or you put it to work and leverage to buy an investment property. Either way, here’s a couple of tips to help you pay off your loan faster: Pick the right loan Putting in a little extra effort at the Read More +

Newsletter – November 2017

There’s always talk about what’s going on in the property market. There’s speculation, forecasting, research and all kinds of talk – that often contradicts one another – depending on their motive. So I’m going to join in on the talk because I’m excited about what I’m seeing. After a long stretch of being firmly wedged in a seller’s market, the property market seems to be finally balancing out so that savvy buyers can buy well. Buyer’s agent Elaine Davies writes about it in her blog. Read More +

Tips to negotiating…

When you’re negotiating to buy a property, you need to remember that the real estate agent is employed by the vendor – your opponent, and their commission is directly proportionate to the amount of money they can make you pay. So while we love agents, we need to respect them as our opponent. That’s our number one tip! Here’s a few more… 1. Research – know your market, know the history of the property you’re buying, know of any plans for development in the area. Read More +

Newsletter – October 2017

Everyone around me seems to be buying and selling houses, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too. And what a journey that is! My life outside of work at the moment is: Traipsing to open houses every weekend, Falling into the big black hole of real estate websites that seem to just eat hours of my spare time, Tossing up one suburb over another, Driving through the suburbs to see what they’re like – what streets are nice, what aren’t. Doing my numbers… Read More +

Newsletter – September 2017

Spring is here and that means that the real estate selling season is about to get busy. There seems to be a bit of uncertainty in the marketplace at the moment, but there are a few things that we’re certain of… Real estate isn’t getting cheaper – the longer you wait, the higher the prices. So if you want to buy, keep your eye on your goal, get everything in place so that you’re in a good position to negotiate when you find the right Read More +

Newsletter – August 2017

Buying a home used to be a simple process. You see the house, you inspect and you purchase. Done. But times have changed and the level of competition in the housing market means that it’s rarely that easy. More and more often clients are telling me how challenging and time consuming it has been to buy the right property. Whether it be at auction or private sale, the common theme is many people struggle to secure the right home in the right location at the Read More +

Newsletter – July 2017

Happy New Financial Year! This is the ideal time to take control, set goals and take stock of your financial position. Here’s my top tips to help you take stock: Put together a good working (realistic!) budget. Take a look at where your disposable income is going. Do you have leaks? Calculate your debt and note the interest rate. Is this too high? Could you consolidate or re-finance? What are you doing with surplus funds? Are they working for you? Do you have an investment plan Read More +

Stamp duty savings – important information for First Home Buyers

We were about to write an article explaining what the upcoming changes are for stamp duty, but John McGrath did it so well that we’re quoting him! “The third instalment of Government measures to address the affordability struggle in Sydney and Melbourne has been delivered, with the NSW Government announcing a package of reforms commencing July 1. This follows announcements by the Federal and Victorian Governments in recent months. The primary goal of these measures is to help first home buyers. All three governments are using Read More +

Newsletter – June 2017 – help for first home buyers

In a bid to help first home buyers with housing affordability, there’s some great news from the NSW Government regarding stamp duty and first home owners grants. From 1st July 2017, there will be no stamp duty payable on properties up to $650,000 for Australian owner occupiers and there will be First Home Owners grants available for new properties. The savings are summarised below: This is great news for first home buyers and we’d love you to share with friends, family or colleagues who are trying Read More +

Love Home Loans is now offering car and asset loans!

At Love Home Loans we’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Australia’s largest asset finance brokerage, stratton to bring you a full range of financial products and services. You can now keep all your loans under one roof! We can help you compare finance options from a range of lenders to find the right package for you or your business – just like we help you with your property finance. What we offer Market leading rates Option of no early termination fees or payout penalties No Read More +