News – November 2016 – Auction clearance high, interest rates held, consumer confidence rising

There’s been lots reported on recently that is of interest to home buyers, so I thought I’d sum it up for you as best I can… Auction clearance rates are consistently up over 80%, which is the highest they’ve been all year, and significantly higher than the same time last year when they were just over 60%. This is great news as it means that people properties are selling, which will encourage more activity in the market. The government wants to stimulate the market for first Read More +

Buying season – be auction ready!

The spring real estate season has arrived! This is the time that most property owners decide to sell and buyers are motivated to buy. The weather has warmed up, people are thinking of new beginnings and wanting to get settled before summer. And Australians (particularly east coasters) love an auction. It’s a great way for market forces to determine the value of your home. As a buyer, sometimes you can pick up a bargain, as a seller, you can sometimes sell for far more than Read More +

Newsletter – October 2016 – Sydney property prices aren’t so bad… in comparison

I’ve just returned from my holiday which included a few days in London where I thought I’d do a little bit of research on the property market. I was shocked! We’re always complaining about property prices in Sydney, with many people believing that they’re priced out of the market – but we’re nothing compared to London! Take a look at some of these places in Central London… That’s £25,000,000 for a 4 bedroom terrace – that’s AU$42 million! And that’s not even one of the ridiculous Read More +


Leveraging is a commonly used term in the investment game that simply means borrowing money to finance an investment. Although people can be reluctant to borrow money as they see it as a risk, leveraging allows you to purchase more property than you could otherwise afford. Here’s an example of how it works. If an investor had $50,000 in cash to invest, they could safely put that in a term deposit earning 3% interest per year. This would mean that in one year the investor Read More +

Newsletter – September 2016 The best time to buy is NOW

I saw a sign recently that said, “The best time to buy a house was 20 years ago. The second best time is now!”. This is so true, and in another 20 years (or even 5 or 10 years) people will be wishing they’d bought their home today. If it’s your plan to buy your first home, upgrade to your next or invest in property, start looking now. The real estate selling season is ramping up with a big increase in properties for sale, and more expected to Read More +

Saving a deposit for your first home

The hardest part of buying a home for most people is saving the deposit. It can seem to take forever, and the whole time you’re saving, you’re watching house prices go up. So it’s time to take action and get serious about your savings plan! Here’s some of our top tips that our clients have used to boost their savings and buy their first home faster. 1. Pay yourself first This is the number one most important thing to do! We recommend that you either ask Read More +

Newsletter – August 2016 – Need to talk about your interest rate or pre-approval?

As the economists predicted, the RBA announced this week that they were cutting the cash rate to 1.5%. Some of the lenders have followed their lead and passed on the full rate cut, others have passed on a partial cut, some haven’t moved yet. The important thing here is to look at the big picture rather than just the rate. We don’t get involved in bank-bashing. If you have a problem with your current lender or you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly, let me know and Read More +

Newsletter – July 2016 – It’s time to take control!

The financial year is over, the election is over (well, sort of), and now it’s time to look at what this year will bring for you financially. It’s a great time to take control, set goals and take stock of your financial position. Do you have a good working budget? Do you know where your disposable income is going every month? How much debt are you in? Are you paying too much interest on any debt? Could you consolidate debt to either a credit card Read More +

Investors! Are you ready for EOFY?

The end of financial year is almost here again, so for all you property investors, it’s time to take stock to make the most of the tax deductions that are available to you. If you don’t have a depreciation schedule, get one! Talk to our friends at BMT & Associates and they can organise it for you at a reduced price. If you’ve got surplus cash and need more deductions, you can pay interest in advance and claim it this year. Get together your receipts Read More +

Newsletter – June 2016 – What gets results?

Relationships… that’s what my business is all about, and that’s what gets results for my clients. As a mortgage broker, every day I’m talking to lenders, clients, accountants, financial planners, property managers, valuers and conveyancers; I’m negotiating to get a better rate, faster approval, loans finalised; I’m chasing up documents, moving things along and keeping on top of a dozen projects. It’s busy and I thrive on it! I love getting a great deal. I love helping my clients get a loan. I love the Read More +