What’s not to love about a luxury home?

Imagine walking into your home with beautiful parquetry floors, high ceilings, light flooding into every oversized room in the whole house (except the media room where dark is good). Tasteful artwork adorning the walls, kitchens and bathrooms to die for, lounges that you just want to sink into and never leave. And then you step outside… The bay (or beach – whichever you’d prefer) glistens at the end of the beautifully manicured lawn which is only interrupted by the sparkling pool surrounded by a cabana and Read More +

Wanting it all – A case study…

I worked with a client last year who wanted it all. Actually, I work with lots of clients who want it all, but I’m going to tell you about Sally. She’s a self-employed single mum. She owned an apartment in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and had good equity in the property. She also had champagne taste on a beer budget and a penchant for overseas travel. Her feet were itchy and she wanted to buy a new home with a garden. Sally mentioned this Read More +

Newsletter – January 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you had a relaxing break and got to do all those things you’d planned to tick off your list. Having just sold and then bought a new home before Christmas, my break went a little like this… packing, throwing, donating, sleeping, repeat – with a little bit of family time in between. It’s amazing how much one can accumulate over four years. The perils of having a house with so much storage! I can’t imagine how much stuff I’d have if we’d lived there Read More +

Packing… lessons I’m learning!

Packing and moving. What a nightmare! Or is it? I actually kind of like it – I mean “kind of” because I wish it was done and over, but I love the end result. I love setting up my kitchen and wardrobe – even the bathroom cupboards. You get a clean slate to start with and it’s up to you to create turn an empty shell into your home. But there are some things that I’m learning as I go… Don’t pack it unless you Read More +

2018 – what will it bring?

I find that it’s always good to end the year with a bit of a reflection on the past and pondering on the future. So here’s some tips to get you in the mood… What has 2017 brought you? Did you achieve your goals? Why did you achieve some and not others? Are there any lessons you can learn from the year? If there was one stand out memory, what is it? If there was something you could “do over”, what would it be? How Read More +

Newsletter – December 2018

Merry Christmas! Christmas is always a time to think about others and support those in need in any way you can. This year, instead of sending Christmas cards I’ve made a donation to Black Dog Institute to help them continue their great work and their vision of having a mentally healthier world. If you want to join me supporting them with their life changing work, you can donate here. We hope that you have a great festive season spending time with those you love. We’ll be working Read More +

Want to pay off your home loan faster?

Your home loan is probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make, so you need to make it work for you. And you usually want to get it paid off sooner so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour – or you put it to work and leverage to buy an investment property. Either way, here’s a couple of tips to help you pay off your loan faster: Pick the right loan Putting in a little extra effort at the Read More +

Newsletter – November 2017

There’s always talk about what’s going on in the property market. There’s speculation, forecasting, research and all kinds of talk – that often contradicts one another – depending on their motive. So I’m going to join in on the talk because I’m excited about what I’m seeing. After a long stretch of being firmly wedged in a seller’s market, the property market seems to be finally balancing out so that savvy buyers can buy well. Buyer’s agent Elaine Davies writes about it in her blog. Read More +

Tips to negotiating…

When you’re negotiating to buy a property, you need to remember that the real estate agent is employed by the vendor – your opponent, and their commission is directly proportionate to the amount of money they can make you pay. So while we love agents, we need to respect them as our opponent. That’s our number one tip! Here’s a few more… 1. Research – know your market, know the history of the property you’re buying, know of any plans for development in the area. Read More +

Newsletter – October 2017

Everyone around me seems to be buying and selling houses, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too. And what a journey that is! My life outside of work at the moment is: Traipsing to open houses every weekend, Falling into the big black hole of real estate websites that seem to just eat hours of my spare time, Tossing up one suburb over another, Driving through the suburbs to see what they’re like – what streets are nice, what aren’t. Doing my numbers… Read More +